Julie Horne

Julie Horne

Julie Horne, RN was born in Sweden. She began her career in cardiac surgery for children and adults, before she decided to pursue her passion in the field of aesthetics.

After working in Oslo, Norway for 11 years, she moved to Cape Town, South Africa, in February 2020.

Whilst in Oslo, Julie was based at one of Norway’s most prestigious cosmetic clinics for many years, where she performed treatments, encompassing all indications with dermal fillers and neurotoxins.

She is the owner of the Julie Horne Academy, where she trains aesthetic doctors and nurses, who travel from all corners of the world, to attend her internationally acclaimed and world famous “Lip Masterclass.”

Julie is often invited to share her unique and extremely sought after lip techniques at many international conferences, meetings and educational programmes. Since launching her signature lip treatment “Julie Horne Lips” in 2017, she has developed a huge fan-base amongst fellow practitioners and patients worldwide.

Even though, Julie’s main interest as a trainer involves lips, she is also passionate about training other practitioners in other indications.

Julie has participated in several international aesthetic congresses and meetings to always be up to date about the latest knowledge and trends in the aesthetic field. Being on several international faculties, has meant that she has been able to learn from some of the best aesthetic trainers in the world, which has led her to be a master within aesthetic injectables.

Being acknowledged as a master in the industry by her peers, has led to her being invited to lead several big aesthetic congresses worldwide. She has also done several training tours for Galderma worldwide.

As a Galderma Local Mentor Trainer (LMT), she devotes a lot of her time to train other trainers in the aesthetic business.

Julie is also the owner of the Swiss Aesthetic Institute in Zurich, Switzerland together with the very skilled and successful Dr. Felix Bertram.

The Swiss Aesthetic Institute offers the highest standard of training with dermal fillers and neurotoxin from basic to master level. Read more about the Swiss Aesthetic Institute here

She will devote a lot of her time training internationally and perform at international congresses in the future. Her own lip balm will also be on the market around November 2020.

Amongst her numerous other accolades, Julie Horne was awarded the prestigious «Golden syringe» in 2019. This honour is only bestowed upon a few international injectors who have distinguished themselves in the industry, for their passion, knowledge and extra-ordinary talent, and it is thus, one of the most honorable and coveted prizes in the aesthetic industry.

"I see myself as an artist/sculptor, I’m just holding a syringe instead of a brush or a tool. It’s about having an aesthetic eye, see proportions, balance, potential, knowing the anatomy, having product knowledge and an experienced steady and delicate hand.

I have studied the Restylane portfolio over many years and with that combination of quality and knowledge the results speak for its self.

But it’s not enough for me to be really good at lip treatments. My biggest challenge is to exterminate unnatural results by spreading my vision, knowledge and techniques all around the world – Safety and natural results ONLY!"

Lip Masterclass

Julie Horne is one of the industry leaders within aesthetic treatments. She has proved to be a pioneer in promoting lip enhancements with more natural and subtle results.

This comprehensive, one-day training is designed to bring out the artist in you; Strengthen your confidence with lip injections by applying various techniques. Trainees learn how to create subtle and natural results while improving their aesthetic eye and assessment skills.

The training is supervised by Julie Horne and offers the optimal combination of hands-on training and knowledge transfer.

“My passion is to provide you with high quality training leaving you with confidence and developed skills to incorporate into your practice”

Lip Masterclass
  • A small, intimate group with a maximum of 10 delegates
  • Live lip enhancement procedures performed by Julie Horne
  • Practical hands on training for trainees
  • Facial anatomy with special focus on lips
  • Safety and effective client communication
  • Possible complications and recommended procedures.
  • Beautification, asymmetry corrections and techniques for “challenging lips”
  • Assessment skills
  • Network with fellow practitioners from different nations worldwide
  • Social media – how to get a successful Instagram account
  • How to take great before & after pictures
  • Certificate of Attendance

Hundreds of medical doctors and nurses from all over the world including USA, Brazil and Australia have already completed this master training with great success and feedback.

On everyones lips; Julie Horne’s signature lip is recognized by a feminine shape with increased medial hight, a sharp defined contour, highlighted cupids bow, natural plump and a 1:1,4 ratio between the upper and lower lip.

We have an ongoing requirement for lip models

All injectable procedures are performed by medical professionals and closely monitored by Julie Horne.

As a model, you will receive a lip treatment with focus on a natural and subtle result.

Julie Horne Lips™ is all about a feminine shape with increased medial height, a sharp defined contour and a natural and subtle plump.

As this is a training environment, there may be a number of people assessing you during your treatment.

Frequently asked questions

We only use Restylane at our trainings.

Which Restylane filler we use will be determined at your consultation prior to the treatment.

The treatments performed at our trainings are at a highly reduced rate; 1.000 NOK (Normal price 4.600 NOK)

  • Avoid drinking alcohol the day before the treatment
  • Avoid taking fish oil or anticoagulants for example Ibuprofen (Ibux) 1 week before the treatment
  • Make sure to let us know as soon as possible if you become sick prior to the treatment

  • Make sure not to touch your lips or put makeup on for 6 hours
  • Avoid heavy exercise for 48 hours

You will receive a post treatment information letter at the Academy.

Skilled healthcare professionals (doctors, dentists and nurses) perform the treatments, with close guidance from Julie Horne.

The attendees have been working with lip injections for many years.

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